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Photo Roulette


Goofing off on the White Rim Trail, Moab, UT

Royal Enfield

The iconic symbol of moto travel in India. Daba stop after summiting Tanglang La at 17,500 feet, Ladakh region, Jammu and Kashmir, India

Lago Atitlan

After a brisk hike up Volcan San Pedro I’m rewarded with a stunning view of Lago Atitlan. San Pedro, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala

Fill ‘er up!

You have to be comfortable finding gas out here.   Tingo, Amazonas, Peru

Jumping the Darien Gap

Loading the SE onto the Stahlratte for our voyage through the San Blas Islands enroute to Colombia. Carti, Panama

Maggie Noodles!

Our hosts prepare us a meal of maggie noodle casserole, a staple in the Himalayas. Pang, Ladakh, India

Los hijos de altiplano

The highlight of a very long day. Hitching a ride north to the border station at Avaroa, after a crash,  and the truck’s battery gave up the ghost. I am convinced the optimism of these kids is what resurrected this truck, I wish we could bottle this stuff. Middle of nowhere on the altiplano in […]


It sits on a mountain at 10,000 feet and dates back to the 6th century which makes it almost a 1000 years older than Machu Piccu, yet its history is largely unknown. Riding here was a half the fun.