Latin America Tour

The Estrada Real

I resist the urge to sprout roots in Rio and I’m on the road again. Since it’s my intention to return to Bolivia for a redux I note that every mile I ride north puts me a mile further from that reality.  I had originally wanted to ride to Salvadore but there are times on […]

Don’t blame it on Rio!!

Raf knows a twisty rich route into the city and offers to escort me to Santa Teresa where I’m staying. I’m happy to let him take the lead and unburden myself with the logistics of riding in the densely populated city. A lush mountain road discards us at the coast in short order and we prepare […]

The steel city

Resort life is wearing on me so I point the bike north, after so many months and miles riding south this “north” concept still seems foreign to me. The plan is to continue along the coast as much as possible bypassing Sao Paulo and making my way to Rio de Janeiro, but not before visiting […]


So far I am loving Brasil but the fact I’m averaging $100 per day on fuel is unsettling. Brasil is the largest country in South America and I could easily rack up thousands of miles exploring it’s amazing offerings but I know that will not be possible on my limited funds. I was warned by […]

Bem-Vindo ao Brasil!!

The ride to the Brasilian frontera at Chuy is short. I practice my Portuguese on the beautiful aduana agent as she processes my paperwork and wonder to myself if her presence here is part of a tourism campaign. She finishes and smiles as she welcomes me to Brasil in near perfect English. My gringo accent […]

La costa de Uruguay

I enjoy my stay in Montevideo and will miss hanging with my friends at Green Hostal. I reluctantly tear myself away from the old city and make my way north up the coast. I pass through a number of resort cities whose coastlines are littered with high rise buildings for the denizens of tourists who […]

Uruguayan urges

I’ve been riding for a year and a half and I don’t know how this trip will end just yet. Around the time I was in Quito (Ecuador) I became interested in riding Africa after South America. The logistics appealed to me at the time but after some consideration I figure I can maximize my […]

Last minuet trip to Colonia

I get a little too comfortable in Buenos Aires and forget to get my passport and import visa renewed. It’s been 90 days since I crossed the border in Tierra del Fuego and I leave for Uruguay in a few days. If I show up at the border with an expired passport and import visa […]

The city of fair winds

After a year of living on the road I look forward to shedding my tourist skin. Staying with my friend in Recoleta is a welcome dose of domestic life. She lives with her 96 year old grandmother and I enjoy being a temporary addition to their family. The neighborhood has a Parisian feel to it […]

The Paris of maintenance

Buenos Aires means maintenance so I head to Dakar Motos in Florida Oeste where I will spend a few weeks working on the bike and easing back into civilization after the long ride through Patagonia. Negrita is the shop cat and she likes the mornings. I go about sorting my bike and travel plans and […]